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    Qingyifang Group and Beihua University start strategic cooperation to create a new chapter of school-enterprise cooperation

    The two parties jointly established the "Qingyifang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Experiment Class" to carry out professional rotation practice on positions such as flower planting, post-harvest treatment, flower marketing, real estate landscape design and construction management to provide students with jobs. Through the new model of continuing education of school-enterprise cooperation, integration of industry and education, and the combination of work and education



    Practicing aesthetic business with thriving urban soil-He Qingqingfang Group won the core of the new western city

    On May 15, Qingyifang Group won the new core area in the west. The site is located in the core area of the new city in the west of the city-level modern service industry innovation development pilot area. The project plans to invest 5 billion yuan to build Qingyifang International Tourism Cultural and Creative Industrial Park.



    The Group successfully won the new town of West China

    Qingyifang Group was founded in 1999. At present, it has formed eight core industries of real estate development, film and television investment, finance, Internet, flower industry, import and export trade, commercial operation, and new property. Committed to the development of a new type of business that integrates art appreciation



    Jia Xiaodong, Deputy Mayor of Changchun City, visited Qingyifang Group

    At 2pm on July 4, 2018, accompanied by Changchun Deputy Mayor Jia Xiaodong and related leaders, they visited Qingyifang Group. Accompanied by Chairman Zhang Dan, Deputy Mayor Jia Xiaodong and his party first visited Qingyifang Jiabohui International Home Life Plaza



    A delegation from Yunnan Province visited Qingyifang Group

    Exchanged valuable opinions on the future development and cooperation of the green plant and flower industry, and opened up new directions for the development of the Qingyifang Group's flower industry.



    The groundbreaking ceremony of Qingyifang Group Hill Cultural Industrial Park started today

    Board Chairman Zhang Dan and the guests who participated in the groundbreaking ceremony waved the shovel and shoveled the soil to lay the foundation for the project.



    Jia Lina, Vice Mayor of Changchun City, visited Qingyifang Group

    Chairman Zhang Dan gave a detailed introduction to Qingyifang Group's development plan to the inspection leader. Deputy Mayor Jia Lina gave a high evaluation of the group's development plan in the cultural industry.



    "Beautiful Countryside, Building a Chinese Dream Together" Lianhuashan Rural Culture Festival Opens

    Leaders inspect flower base In addition, this cultural festival also carried out farmers' markets and cultural and creative markets, bringing certain economic benefits to local farmers while enriching people's spiritual and cultural life, making this cultural festival more meaningful.



    Qingyifang Group builds thousands of acres of flowers in Xinhu Town, Jingyue District to help farmers generate income!

    For the construction of the flower planting base, Qingyifang will provide seeds and be responsible for planting technology, production standards, field management specifications, and packaging and processing training.



    Qingyifang International Flower Tourism Cultural Park Project Settled in Gongzhuling City

    Gao Lijun and General Manager of Qingyifang Group Co., Ltd. Zhang Songyan signed the "Yingyifang International Flower Tourism Cultural Industrial Park Project Investment Agreement" on behalf of the municipal government and Jilin Qingyifang Industrial Group Co., Ltd. respectively.



    A delegation from Liaoning Province visited Qingyifang Group

    And Chairman Zhang Dan exchanged valuable opinions on the future development and cooperation of the green plant and flower industry, and opened up new directions for the development of the Qingyifang Group's flower industry.



    Qingyifang Group was invited to participate in China Jilin · France Economic and Trade Cooperation Matchmaking

    On March 15, "China Jilin · France Economic and Trade Cooperation Matchmaking Conference was successfully held in Beijing". The meeting focused on sharing opportunities, deepening economic and trade cooperation and exchanges between Jilin and France

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